How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Cast Updates And Spoilers: Love Triangle For Asher, Bonnie And Michaela?

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From being an outcast to becoming the main man, it is expected that Asher Millstone will be playing a vital role in the Keating 5 in How To Get Away With Murder Season 3. Thus, the upcoming installment is being eyed as different from the first two seasons.

According to reports, Asher will finally be portraying a big role in the show. This all started with a one night stand with fellow Keating 5 member Michaela. The make out session of the two happened back when the latter was still bothered by Caleb while Asher was trying to move on from Bonnie. But it did not end there. It was just the start of a more complicated story.

Don?t be surprised if a love triangle looms in the forthcoming How To Get Away With Murder Season 3?for Asher, Michaela and Bonnie. It is interesting how the two girls will live up to their statement that neither of them want actually to be with Asher yet they keep on hooking up with him.

Some reports now consider Asher as the focus character in the show. Meanwhile, questions about Frank?s whereabouts are still floating especially now that Annalise has learned that he is involved with the death of her child. Frank fled after uncovering the truth to the known defense lawyer.

On the other hand, everyone is also raring to watch what will happen to other characters in the show, especially with Wes, who witnessed the death of his father right with his own eyes during the finale of HTGAWM Season 2. Is Frank also involved in the killing? We have yet to find out.

With Frank now hiding, Laurel of course is not in a stable situation as her lover left her without any notice. While Oliver will be in deep trouble once his mistake is unraveled and revealed to his boyfriend Connor?

Lastly, Annalise is also suffering yet another heartbreak and pain in her life. Bonnie is still not in good terms with Annalise, whom she considered her mentor and sort of her best friend. So as everyone might notice, Asher is the only major character who is in a stable condition and who might be the key for them to get their groove back.

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The series is being targeted to be released fall this year.

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