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How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 Air Date & Spoilers

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How To Get Away With Murder season 3 is not going to be available until fall, but some are already speculating about what could possibly take place in the upcoming installment. Showrunner Pete Nowalk, in a recent interview, revealed some facts about the upcoming season.

Recently, TV Line had the chance to talk with Nowalk and they asked whether the third season would be similar to the second installment of the show where the ?cases of the week? were reduced. ?I don?t want the show to become stale. In the back half of season 2, we had so much emphasis on Rose?s case that there wasn?t room for cases of the week. We?ll probably try to do a balance,? he said.

However, the showrunner also shared that if there is one thing that will remain constant, it is how Annalise do her job. ?I love watching Annalise do her job in any way. She loves her job, and I don?t think she?s the same person if she?s not doing it. So, whether that?s case of the week or case of the season, seeing her at work is what I care about,? Nowalk revealed.

Furthermore about the How To Get Away With Murder season 3, it can be recalled that Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin) is already dead. However, some suspicious actions will not be overlooked by the investigators and Frank Delfino (Charlie Weber) is going to be one of the possible suspects. In a related interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nowalk talked about Frank and how he would become a suspect. ?For sure. From what we saw, Frank was finding out that Wallace was Wes? father in the finale. Once Laurel (Karla Souza) told him, I think it was information he was getting in that moment. Say what you will why he would do that, but I think that definitely would make sense,? said the showrunner.

Aside from that, it was a known fact that Frank really hated Wallace for being responsible for the death of Annalise?s unborn child, and his sudden disappearance will definitely be interpreted against him by the investigators.

Speaking of Frank, it seems like he would be involved in a love-triangle come next season. According to Movie News Guide, if there will be a love-triangle, it will be between Frank, Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch) and Laurel Castillo. It can be recalled that back in season 2, Wes and Laurel had their own special moments, which also led them to kissing. However, although there is a connection building up between the two, fans should keep in mind that Laurel is still in love with Frank.

Do you think that a Wes-Laurel-Frank love-triangle will really take place in How To Get Away With Murder season 3? Who do you think really killed Wallace? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The third installment of the series is expected to air come this fall of 2016.

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