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Get as much as you want of this wine without worrying about the ton of extra calories

Now you can sip on as many glasses as you want while staying in shape

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A good glass of wine is definitely a treat but not when you’re kinda worried about the calories. Well, who says you have to keep tabs on your waistline when you can indulge in a fine and tasty low-calorie wine? 


Something like FLO Moscato.



Why you’ll love FLO Moscato


FLO Moscato is a low calorie wine you can indulge without having to think about gaining extra pounds. Because it has less sugar content and contains less than 110 calories per 5 ounce glass, this wine is an excellent option for when you want to get an extra glass (or two) while enjoying a celebration or simply relaxing in a serene, peaceful night. 

FLO Moscato also offers a bright and balanced taste with fresh aromatics and a hint of sweetness which makes it a perfect pair for some delectable seafood or pasta. 


Because this wine is low on sugar and calories, feel free to stock your rack with an entire case of this fine wine without the guilt! Now sit back and enjoy while you stick to your diet and stay in shape!


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