Get An Early Look At Heavy Rain! Free Demo Codes!

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A new launch site “Precint 52” is offering a download code for an early demo of Heavy Rain currently. You have to register, sign in and play some game to select some evidence in order to receive your code.

Sign up link:…gnup/en_GB
Loggin link:

The four pieces of evidence are:

? Short cigarette (117b)
? Origami bird
? Coffee shop C (it says “diner”)
? 117h (tyre tracks).

Be care about which coffee shop you pick as there are several, and you must submit the correct one to get the code. Likewise, the writing on the “tyre tracks” is difficult to read.

Update: This whole process took me exactly 5 minutes.? If you already have an account just go to the 2nd link and start the game.? If you get the 4 pieces listed above you get a code. EZPZ.

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