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Ready for the Good news? A Gaming scholarship for League of Legend Gamers! Beat that!

Who would have thought that a higher education institution will grant scholarship to students who are professional gamers of League of Legends. What is even more fascinating is that the game was considered as an athletic sport. Seriously, who among the gamers would not want all their beloved games be acknowledged as one?

Robert Morris University Illinois, a small private University based in Chicago is offering substantial (50%) scholarship to those who are competitive in playing League of Legends thus promoting eSports. The university is known for nurturing skills and widening the opportunities of the diverse population of the university. It understands that not all students have interest in sports like basketball and football hence they can be better at something they are good at.

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In a statement by Kurt Melcher, Associate Athletic Director of the University, he said ?League of Legends is a competitive, challenging game which requires a significant amount of teamwork to be successful?.? The newly-recognised athletic program will form one varsity team and two practice teams. The school is even recruiting players and hiring a coach for its team.

The college has started to recruit high-school aged players of Riot Games’ League of Legends for its new program, set to open this fall. More than 67 million people play the game at least once a month, with 27 million playing on a daily basis that makes the free-to-play League of Legends one of the biggest games in the world. Last year, showing these changing attitudes, the US government awarded visas to exemplary gamers that recognized them as professional athletes, The Verge reports.

The first professional player of? LoL to receive a visa acknowledging him as an “internationally recognized” athlete is Danny ?Shiptur? Le, a native of Canada. ?The visa allows him to come and visit the United States for training ahead of October’s world championships; $1 million will be up for grabs in the competition. According to The Verge, other eSports players were granted visas as well and the only difference is that Le is the first who will be able to earn a salary in his stay.

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