Get a good relaxing massage while dozing off as often as you like

This adjustable base with a massager is something your body will thank you for!

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Getting quality sleep at night should be non-negotiable. After a long day at work, exhaustion and stress levels reaching an all time high, we all deserve a relaxing, rejuvenating, deep sleep. And when we talk about sleep, the kind of mattress and bed frames you own is an important factor to consider. After all, not all beds are made the same.

If you’re someone who needs a significant improvement in your quality of sleep, investing in the right base is something you might want to consider. The good news is, Nolah has something you’re most likely going to love – Nolah’s Adjustable Base with Massage.

Nolah’s Adjustable Base with Massage is definitely not your typical base. It is not even like the common adjustable bases you’ll find around. This base from Nolah is one of a kind because of the lucrative features it offers.

So what makes this special? Well, Nolah’s Adjustable Base with Massage offers all the features you’ll love. One of the main highlights is its built-in head and foot massager which you can enjoy as often as you want, right in the comfort of your bedroom while you relax and doze off to sleep. It also includes head and feet elevation, zero-gravity setting, dual built-in USB chargers, a wireless remote with programmable positions and under bed lighting.
With this adjustable base, you have the option to adjust the massage in three different intensities according to your preference. It also has a 14-button wireless remote control with pre-programmed Zero-G, anti-snore and flat position along with three programmable positions, so you can find and save the position just right for you. And if you need a nearby outlet, look no more because you can get your phone charged at night with its built-in chargers. And did we mention the night light, too?

Nolah’s Adjustable Base with Massage literally has everything you could ever need to take your sleep and relaxation to the next level. Give yourself the ultimate comfort and sleep you deserve and give this base a try!

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