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Get a controller with switchable buttons that swaps while you’re in-game

This revolutionary controller will save you from replacing them frequently

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Video games can be intense, right? It gets so serious and it can last for hours that there is always a possibility you might break your controllers. With this revolutionary game controller, you won’t have to change your controller frequently.

Thrustmaster Eswap Pro Controller is a new gaming gear for PS4 and PC gamers out there. Its parts can be easily swapped and with its T-MOD Technology feature, you can swap modules even while you’re in-game so you can constantly adjust these to improve gaming comfort.

What is T-MOD Technology?

Thrustmaster Eswap pro controller has a fully modular system that allows you to change the thumbsticks and Dpad configuration to either an asymmetrical Xbox style or PlayStation style. The swappable buttons have a magnet that holds the module in place.

Controllers play a huge part in your battles and they can make you lose your focus on the gameplay. Choose a controller that gives you comfort and will bring you to a resounding victory like Thrustmaster Eswap Pro Controller.


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