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Gesture Based Controller ‘Leap Motion’: The Perfect Complimentary to Oculus Rift

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LEAP Motion
LEAP Motion

Thought we?ve seen it all? We did, but only in movies. Oculus Rift and Sony?s Morpheus are already starting to set the future of gaming, but they still lack something and that?s what Leap Motion might just do. It?s not specifically made to be used for gaming, but there are some games being made to work with it.

If you haven?t heard of LEAP Motion, it is a USB device that practically lets you move stuff on your computer screen via hand gestures. (Pretty much like what we saw in Minority Report and Iron Man) and it is pretty much like Microsoft?s Kinect for Xbox 360. The library of apps and games for LEAP motion is constantly being updated in AirSpace (this is LEAP Motion?s App Store).

There are already dozens of things that you can do with LEAP Motion. You can explore stuff on your PC or Mac, play some games, manipulate images and other things that you can expect from an application that is inspired to a futuristic technology. It looks cool and it really is, but it is equally as fun and very useful as well.

Here are the technical specs for LEAP Motion:

  • It tracks BOTH hands and all your ten fingers even with the slightest movement. It has a very low latency as well, which is very practical for certain timing based games and for general purpose
  • It has a 150-degree FOV that practically turns the space that you are in into a 8 cubic feet 3D space.

The hardware requirements for the device to work is pretty simple. A working computer with Windows 7 or OSX 10.7 with any decent processor will do.

Some people may find the controller imperfect as of the moment, but as with how the Oculus Rift evolved, this too shall see its days where games and apps will be working in a streamlined and hassle-free manner.

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