George Lucas and Mark Hamill: Star Wars Video On History Of The Lightsaber

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George Lucas and Mark Hamill: Star Wars Video On History Of The Lightsaber


There is too much ?awesomeness? in the Star Wars universe that it is difficult to pinpoint which character or object is the most iconic. For the non-“human” characters alone, there are wonderful droids, ships, and weaponry that amaze and tickle our imagination without end.

If I had to pick one, as difficult as it is, on what could be the most amazing item in the whole Star Wars universe, it would be the lightsaber.

I am sure a lot of you would argue with me.

What about the droids, specially R2D2? Or the Death Star?

Those who like ships would point out that the Millennium Falcon is the coolest thing there is in the George Lucas franchise.

For someone who grew up with the Star Wars saga and has watched my own children go crazy as much as I did, the lightsaber is the one for me.

George Lucas himself, in talking about the concept of the Star Wars epic, felt the need for a special kind of ?Jedi? weapon that would fit right into this universe. He said that ? The whole premise of Star Wars was that it was a romantic fantasy…..So in developing a group of peacekeepers who were above everything and honorable, and could make decisions and bring peace to the galaxy, I needed a weapon that was appropriate for those kinds of Jedi.?

?Obi-Wan Kenobi? also described the lightsaber (in Episode IV: A New Hope) as ?an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.?

In a video titled ?Star Wars Featurette: The Birth of the Lightsaber? shown in the Star Wars / YouTube page and published a few days ago, George Lucas and Mark Hamill tell us about how the creators of the Star Wars universe came up with this ?laser sword? and what it took to make, what we now call the ?Lightsaber?.



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