George Hotz : First Person To Crack iPhone Landed A Job With Google

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The first person ever to crack the extremely locked and secured Apple iPhone has been employed by Google. This person we are referring to is George Hotz, and he is now an intern on the monolithic web company?s Project Zero, which is designed to hunt down vulnerabilities in some of the most popular software available today.

Hotz is a hacker who is said to be the first ever person to have performed the ?jailbreaking? process, something that is now very common among iPhone users, back in the year 2007. Another one of his claims to fame is for unlocking the PlayStation 3 back in 2010. These acts have landed him a job with giant company Google. According to Wired, George Hotz, who is also most commonly referred to as GeoHot, accepted an offer from Google for an internship. His job will involve working with a supposedly all-star team of other hackers like him. Their task is to discover and track down the most severe software vulnerabilities.

Project Zero is headed up by Chris Evans, Google?s security engineer. They have been assigned to look for flaws in some of today?s most popular software. This does not only apply to Google products; it also includes software from other companies. The programs that they are going to look for are those that have long been exploited by Government Intelligence agencies and Criminals.

One of the major reasons as to why Google has set aside resources not only for its own software but also for other companie?s programs, because some of it?s offerings such as the Chrome web browser, also depend on the security of the OS it runs on.

In the event that the team finds a problem, they will let?the company responsible know about the issue, and they will then be given between 2 to 3 months to fix it. If they are unable to or choose not to fix the problem, Project Zero will reveal it to the public via its blog.

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