Genuinely Great Games with the Weirdest Sh*t PART 1

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Weird Games Part 1
Weird Games Part 1

Playing or witnessing an extremely great game with a crazy twist is rare, but cool games with odd stuff going on that sends you scratching your head is twice as hard to come by. There are a handful of games that can fit into this category, but some are just plain too weird that they make you go ?WTF?.

ANY Warioware (Gameboy Advance , Nintendo DS, and Wii)

What better way to start off this list with one of the best weird (technically) games in Nintendo?s handheld consoles? If you haven?t heard of Wariorware, it is a game composed of dozens of mini games, which are rather, quite an oddity. It has a small amount of storytelling into it, but you?re thrust into action right away. The mechanics are pretty simple if you?ll look at it. Play a series of mini games that gets harder and ?fasterer?, the more you progress, until you reach the ?Boss? mini game. The mini games, however, vary the difficulty and most of them are as weird as they get. Snivel your way out, pop balloons, blow candles, prevent bombs from blowing. Name them, you got them. Warioware started the trend of the crazy mini games we see on our iOS and Android devices like Dumb Ways To Die and Hardest Game.

WTF: Work Time Fun (PlayStation Portable/PSP)


Another handheld game and it is what the title suggests. (Or at least, how you will initially look at it) WTF is a game that has ridiculous levels ?you?ve never encountered before. It might not be for everyone, but if you?re a fan of Japanese games and insane stuff, you?re in for a treat with this little gem. It is a game that is primarily composed of other mini games. The plot twist is, you?re a worker who will have to play these mini games. Your compensation? More tedious looking (for some) mini games. Seriously. WTF.

Mister Mosquito (PlayStation 2)

Like the game above, this one is a Japanese-oriented videogame and if you?re into such stuff, then this game might actually appeal GREATLY to you. It is a PlayStation 2 game where you take the role of mosquito named, well, ?Mister Mosquito?. The goal of the game? Suck blood from the family members of Yamada. Simple enough? Not quite. You can?t just suck like there?s no tomorrow and you?ll have to time your moves properly in order to avoid getting swatted. This game is a nice change of pace for your usual shooter and it doesn?t necessarily ?suck?.

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