Gefen Introduces Fiber Optics-Based USB Extender

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This isn?t your regular USB hub! Gefen has introduced a fiber optics-based extender that can be used up to 500m away from the network base. I know what your first thought is, ?Why would i want that?? I thought the same thing but it is good for use with printers, scanners, items that may need to be used away from a computer. This may not be great for the normal consumer but its an interesting item and useful or even needed in some situations. Check out the press release and pictures after the break


CHATSWORTH, CA – Connectivity solutions provider Gefen is pleased to announce the release of a newly redesigned fiber optics-based extender, the USB-400 Fiber Optic (FO). This long-range 4-port USB 2.0 hub powers multiple hi-speed peripherals at distances up to 1640-feet (500m) from the computer, enabling a reliable remote workstation.

The Gefen USB-400 FO extender provides a high-bandwidth method of extending up to four USB 2.0 devices, including printers, keyboard/mouse, cameras, hard drives and DVD burners, enabling complete connectivity when operating in the field. The solution is ideal for professional applications as it offers invulnerability to electromagnetic and radio signal interference.

The USB-400 FO is simple to install and use. It operates through compact sender/receiver units, with the sender connecting to the computer, and the receiver connecting to four remote USB devices. Two multi-mode fiber optics cables terminated in LC connectors connect local and remote locations; both sender and receiver are individually powered. Local connection cables are included.



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