Geeky Sex Toys Releases Pokemoan Go: Where To Buy To ‘Get Them All?

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There is another ?fun? way to enjoy Pokemon GO without having to get yourself a hi-tech smartphone, unlimited data, and stylish, comfy sneaks to walk around in for miles just to catch ?em all. ?With everyone riding on the Pokemon GO bandwagon, Geeky Sex Toys has released Pokemoan Go, a line of adult toys to cater to another kind of Pok?mon master.

Pokemoans to catch

This Australian-based website includes a vivid description of all 4 adult toys to indulge your wild geeky side. For starters, you can get yourself a grass type Pokemoan called ?Bulby? which has a large seed tip, guaranteed to be a very pleasurable friend to have.

?Charmy,? a fire type Pokemoan with a flaming tail claims to provide intense ?Os? everywhere it goes.

If you want it smooth, on the other hand, you can always go for water Pokemoan, Squirty.

Now, for the more adventurous Poke master, ?Piky?, a small electric type anal Pokemoan, is the recommended one to catch.

They also offer a limited edition collectors set which includes all 4 Pokemoan products and your very own limited edition Pokecase.

The makers confirm that all their Pokemoan toys are made using 100% skin safe silicone.

Aiming to please

The Geeky Sex Toys site is managed by ?self-proclaimed geeks? who believe that a sex toy is not just a tool to get you off, but should be fun, entertaining and visually (and physically) pleasing as well.

If you are wondering if The Pokemon Company or Nintendo?has any part in this, the answer is no. The Australian-based site confirms that ?It?s definitely an independent thing. [Our] products are inspired by geek culture in some way or another, but we are very careful in the way we parody each fandom.?

Pokemoans ship worldwide through Australia Post. Geeky Sex Toys assures secure and discreet online ordering so your nerdy secrets remain a secret.

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