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Gears Of War 5 Could Be At E3 2017

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gears of war 5
Is a new game coming? [Image from Gears of War website]

After a cliffhanger ending, fans are hoping to get some closure with Gears of War 5. Most fans aren’t expecting a sequel right away, since Gears of War 4 only came out last year to some positive reviews. However, a recent hint might tease a possible sequel to the game, or maybe even some DLC content.

Rod Fergusson, the head of The Coalition aka the current Gears of War developers, shared an interesting Tweet regarding E3. Only posting wine and some food, it seems like the company head is celebrating an E3 related victory early. We will have to wait till E3 to see what the fuss is about, but it should be fun.

Geared for War [Spoilers]

Gears of War 4’s a cliffhanger was annoying, but we do know that Oscar has survived and is set for a Gears of War 5 return. It will be interesting to see how integral he is to the plot, especially with the reveal of the Locust Queen’s family. After being forced to kill her mom, it was revealed that Kait might be the Locust Queen’s granddaughter.

With a somewhat abrupt ending like that, it’s clear that a sequel is needed to finish what this story started. How the other characters react to Kait’s new familial ties could be interesting, though that remains to be seen. If this Tweet means anything, it looks like we can at least expect some sort of confirmation or hint.

Trolling Around?

While a sequel could be in the works, the head of The Coalition could just be trolling or relaxing before the big show. Nothing about the picture implies anything video game specific, but with E3 being mentioned, it’s too interesting to ignore. Considering how excited fans are for the big event, we can only hope that Gears of War 5 really is in the works.

Microsoft could use this title to tote as a great exclusive, or even show it off on the Xbox Scorpio. Gears of War 4 was already a pretty good looking game, so having a title that look better would be something special. As it stands, all we can do is speculate on a possible sequel and see what happens in this year’s E3.

Gears of War 4 is available now on Xbox One and Windows PC, as is the Gears of War remastered edition. All of the other games in the series are backwards compatible with the title, so fans can play through the whole thing.

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