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Gears of War 4: How to Find Scattered and Hidden Collectibles?

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The game development team always want to excite players about the concept of the game. From high-tech weapons to expansive environments, the developers tried different stunts to lure the players and increase the game?s playability.

Gears of Wars was able to build its fanbase under this frame of mind. The fourth installment of the game has opened wide horizons for the players and allows them to discover hidden treasure to increasing positive player experience.

Collectibles in Gears of War 4 are scattered and hidden, allowing players to find it throughout its campaign.

Experienced players of Gears of Wars might have already figured out which collectives are worth hunting and how to track them, but the beginners can face difficulties in this regard. Here?s a guide to help the noobs find 50 scattered and hidden collectibles as well as managing them.

Gears of War 4 – What do collectibles look like?

The collectibles blink in a shiny light every couple of seconds and reflect from right to left. In many cases, they look more like ammo crates signifying the player that something important is ahead.

When the player goes ahead, they will see a magnifying glass icon to hover over the collectible. From that magnifying glass, the player can search for the collectible. Once, the player identifies the location of a collectible, he just needs to approach it and press X to pick it up.

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How to track the collectibles?

To track collectibles, the players need to choose War Journal from the main menu. The last tab on the right will take the player to the collectibles submenu. There, he can see everything that he had collected.

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Where can players find collectibles?

There are few places in the game where collectibles tend to appear. Some of the collectibles hang around bodies, carcasses and corpses. While some of the collectibles are hidden under a piece of paper, shelves, and desks on the ground.

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