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Gears of War 4 Cheats, Hacks to Unlock Secret weapons, Tomato Grenades, Ride a Reaver and Achievements

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Gears of War 4

Players of Gears of War love guns and grenades as it comes under their destructive hands. Apart from the available arsenal, discovering a secret weapon can increase players? interest and lure them to spend more hours on the game.

Microsoft Studios has always dedicated to increasing the excitement of Gears of War players. The development team has implemented secret weapons and achievements which let the players to discover new horizons of the game.

Secret Ice Gun

In Prologue, the players need to make their ways towards three enemies in other section after destroying the Comms Towers and bunkers. Then after defeating the three enemies, the players can wander into a section and can find out sprint forward towards the stairs.

On the right of the stairs, they can find a gate which begins to close. The player has to enter the gate before its closing. Once inside the gate, the player can find a secret ice gun which can freeze the enemy. It?s more likely the way Groove Carries his gun in ?Despicable me?.

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Secret Dom Tom?s Grenade

In Act 2, chapter 2, player needs to precede the game until they reach a greenhouse. There he needs to destroy all the tomatoes appearing in the greenhouse. After destroying all the tomatoes, a secret tomato plant will appear on a table at the gate of a greenhouse. After interacting with it, the player can get 6 Dom Tom grenades which can be used just like grenades that explode with lots of tomato sauce.

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Gears of War 4

Riding a Locust Reaver

In Prologue, after defeating House Of Sovereigns on E-day and killing the Corpse with Hammer of Daw, a Locust Reaver will land after this wave. Once, the reaver will land, kill his driver and ride upon it by pressing ?Control+X.

Stop Hitting Yourself Achievements

During the last wave of Act 1, chapter 4, kill the single guardian, go quickly to his frame and pull out the Salvo. After some time, two guardians will appear. Kill one of them and the player will be rewarded as ?Stop Hitting Yourself? achievement.

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