?LawBreakers? is Free FPS Game From Cliff Bleszinski, Trailer, Features, And Release Date Released

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Gears of War Creator Cliff Bleszinski just released a trailer for his newly announced FPS free-to-play arena shooter titled LawBreakers.

The LawBreakers trailer establishes?the setting of the game which shows a world ruined by mankind?s own doing:

A government testing caused the moon to split in half which caused a massive earthquake to nearly crack the world in half, boil the oceans, and destroy the gravity system of Earth. A bunch of gangs then came to America and caused riots which necessitated enforcement agencies to fight the outlaws.

Game Detailed

According to Polygon, LawBreakers will feature five-on-five matches between the ?law? and the ?lawbreakers? where players will be tooling with gravity, guns, and grappling hooks to waste enemies. Players can also turn the ground into lava to turn the environment in their favour, they reported.

?It will be a PC experience that will hearken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on?? Belizinski told Pointless

The game was officially announced today via a Twitch livestream and was also confirmed to get a 2016 release date. The official gameplay trailer will be shown this August 28.

The game was formerly known as ?BlueStreak? and is being developed by Boss Key Productions. The dev team was co-founded by Cliff Bleszinki and Guerrilla Games Co-Founder and Executive Director of Killzone, Arjan Brussee.

Here is a concept art shown by Bleszinski early on in 2013 as lifted from Destructoid.

LawBreakers concept art

Concept art shown by Bleszinski on Twitter. Photo courtesy of Destructoid.

The Impossible Plot

Engadget wanted to know if the game?s plot was plausible as they contacted a popular astronomer and science writer, Dr. Phil Plait aka Bad Astronomer. Palit said the devs are banking on an impossible story as the whole mankind would be wiped-out from their existence.

Firstly, he said the moon?s gravity only subtly affects earthquakes and will surely not cause the world to split in half. The trailer said the Grand Canyon would be destroyed as caused by the shattering of the moon and Plait said that if this were to happen, none of mankind would survive:

?The real problem would be millions or billions of tons of debris raining down on Earth over the next few decades. That would probably wipe everyone out. I?ll also note that the blowing up the moon, or splitting it in half, takes a vast amount of energy. Like, taking a traillion of the largest nukes ever tested to do the deed. So there?s that too.?

Of course gamers will easily to forgive the game as the devs seems to be only trying to set-up an excusable premise for the game?s setting.

LawBreakers will use the Unreal Engine 4 and will be published by Nexon. The game will be available for PC.


The gameplay trailer is now out!

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