Gears Of War 4 Update: January 10 Patch Addes New Maps ‘Blood Drive’ And ‘Clocktower’; Rage Quit Penalties And More Features Introduced

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The latest Gears of War 4 update is officially here, bringing new in-game content that gamers will surely enjoy. Also, the patch gives a bunch of new cards that include iconic characters and new weapon skins. So, without further ado, here are the highlights of the title update 3.

Two of the most interesting inclusions of the patch are the maps Blood Drive and Clocktower. The former is a region which originally came from Gear 2 and was re-imagined in Gear 3.

As posted on the Gears of War forum, the Blood Drive map will “bring back intense, center-map pillar fights with the improved flow of its refined sibling.” Clocktower, on the other hand, will “bring back memories of the battles you know and love, from the intense close-quarters combat in the lower streets to the Lancer-heavy crossfire at the Bank entrance.”

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Both maps are now playable in the Developer Playlist for Season Pass holders. It will include Double XP and 20% more Credits. For those who do not have a Season Pass, it will be available for free starting on January 17. Next week, The Coalition will also announce the new map rotation.

Aside from these maps, Gears of War 4 Update will also bring new features that will address quitting on Core/Competitive matches. The post mentioned that players who quit either of those match will be suspended from all matchmaking of any kind for a limited time. This move is to discourage their drop-out behavior. Plus, the more a gamer quits, the longer the suspension will be.

With regards to the new characters, there are 13 of them in the update. It patch includes the first delivery of Legacy Characters in Gears 4, Armored Anya, and Armored Sam. Meanwhile, gamers will also see 260 new Weapon skins across 13 full weapon skin sets. These skins will certainly give you the chance to show your style and stand out on the battlefield.

There you have it! Some of the important inclusions of the latest Gears of War 4 update. Stay tuned here on the The Bitbag for more gaming news and updates. Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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