Gears Of War 4 April Update Shakes Up Its Multiplayer Modes

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gears of war 4 april update
Shooting isn’t far behind. [Image from Xbox Website]

The Coalition has revealed details for the upcoming Gears of War 4 April update, which should please Microsoft fans worldwide. As many have expected, this update will shakeup the game’s addictive multiplayer and make things balanced for better online play. It’s an update many fans were hoping to see and they are finally going to get it this month.

From what can be seen on the game’s official website, the update’s about weapon tuning for Core and Competitive modes. Weapons have now been balanced out a bit and players are encouraged to try them out to see what they like. Previous updates added new characters, modes and harsher penalties for quitting, so this is fitting.

Core Changes

For Core, the Gears of War 4 April update will be balancing starter weapons and clarifying their roles for smarter decisions. The Gnasher is now focused on short-range attacks, while the Lancer and Hammerburst are medium and long-range respectively. This way, players can know what type of weapons they’re good with or just to experiment with all of the choices around.

Changes have also been made for reloading and cool downs, so that certain weapons won’t be too cheap or weak. Doing this ensures more fair games, so it won’t matter as much if the player chooses the Gnasher, Lancer or Hammerburst in Core. It’s a solid way to keep the multiplayer experience fresh and should please the game’s hardcore fan base on Xbox One.

Competitive Changes

As for the changes in the game’s Competitive modes, the Gears of War 4 April update will focus on the secondary weapons. The Coalition stated that some of these dominated matches, hence the need to tweak them up a bit for more fair game. From now on, secondary weapons will take 90 seconds to respawn instead of 60, so players won’t rely on them too much.

Some of the main weapons will also be getting their damage increased and decreased to keep things fair and square. This might force players to try different weapons, which isn’t a bad thing as players might discover a new favorite weapon. Currently, there is no release date for the update, but it will be coming out this month so players should expect it soon.

Gears of War 4 is available now on the Xbox One and PC, with the update available later this month. The previous games in the series are backwards compatible with the Xbox One.

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