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Gearbox Reveals First 3 Battleborn Characters

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Gearbox Software announced last week the latest FPS game they have been working on, Battleborn. Very little details were given except for a teaser trailer and that the new game will be featured in the magazine Game Informer next month.

The developers have now teased their fans even more as they introduced three of the nine playable characters. Without further ado, let?s go straight to the introduction.

Oscar Mike

A familiar face if you have played other modern FPS games, Oscar Mike is an armored soldier who specializes in military warfare. He is a frontline warrior who loyally serves the United Peacekeeping Republic. Game Informer describes him as a good entry point for players as his skill set is what most players are used to in FPS games.

Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle

Unique Abilities: Frag Grenade, Pulse Grenade, Tactical Rounds

Ultimate: Airstrike



Miko is your mushroom ninja. Hailing from a huge fungal megacolony, he is one of the sole survivors of his species when the evil Varelsi destroyed their star. Since then, he has joined the Eldrid faction to avenge his race and compete with other factions to gain control of Solus, the last star in the universe. Miko is described by Gearbox as a support character but he has his own set of deadly offensive skills as well.

Primary Weapon: Kunai

Unique Abilities: Cloud of Spores, Poultice, Medicinal Mycology

Ultimate: Fungus Among Us



If you have watched the Fate/Stay Night anime series, then you would definitely see the resemblance of Phoebe to Saber. She is one of the last remaining humans serving the Last Light Consortium, an organization that monopolizes the war through selling weapons to warring factions. Her weapon of choice is the rapier, although she has telekinetic powers as well. Gearbox describes Phoebe as a disruptive character in the battlefield, staying in the middle of combat to interrupt enemy skills.

Primary Weapon: Rapier

Unique Abilities: Balestra, Blade Whip, True Strike

Ultimate: Riposte


Oscar Mike, Miko, and Phoebe are only three of nine playable characters in Battleborn. Game Informer Magazine will be introducing the rest of the characters in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned.

Battleborn is a cooperative and competitive FPS game developed by Gearbox Software. The game is due to be released next year on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Image Source: Gearbox Software

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