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GearBox introduces Next 3 Characters in Battleborn

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Earlier this week, Gearbox Software introduced the first three characters?Oscar Mike, Miko, and Phoebe?of their upcoming FPS game Battleborn. In collaboration with Game Informer Magazine, the developers have now introduced the next three characters of the game which will also be featured in the magazine?s next issue.

Last time, we introduced the armored soldier Oscar Mike, the mushroom ninja Miko, and the blonde swordie Phoebe. Today, we will see Thorn?an elf archer, Montana?the gatling gun-wielding giant, and Reyna?the rogue commando. Check out their background and skills.


With a slender body and long pointed ears, Thorn best resembles an elf. The elf-like archer is one of first Eldrid settlers to come to the land of Ekkunar, Solus? most hospitable planet. Despite coming from a friendly race, Thorn is dedicated to battle against invaders who threaten their lands and people.

Wielding a sick-looking bow, Thorn wreaks havoc upon her enemies from far beyond. Her slim appearance also makes her more agile and jump higher than other characters.

Primary Weapon: Bow

Unique Abilities: Volley, Blight, Dark Curse,

Ultimate: Apex Predator




Now, who doesn?t want to play this beast? Montana is a gatling gun-wielding brute that serves the Peacekeepers faction?something that doesn?t seem to fit. Yet despite of his massive appearance, the giant trooper is one of the most cheerful characters in the game.

With a character of his size, Montana makes an easy target in the battlefield. He moves rather slowly compared to others, but he can take more damage before falling to the ground.

Primary Weapon: Gatling Gun

Unique Abilities: Lumberjack Dash, Hailstorm, Mo Heat Mo Damage

Ultimate: Mansformation




At first glance, Reyna may strike you as more of ?a thug than a warrior. But in fact, she stands as an unofficial commander for her faction?the Rogues. Reyna?s skill set mostly consists of support and debuff abilities making her a good candidate to stay on the backlines of battle?something truly fit of a commander.

Primary Weapon: Pistol

Abilities: Overwatch, Priority Target, Rally the Troops

Ultimate: Nick of Time



So far, we?ve had six characters introduced in Battleborn and we have three more to go. The game will be featured in the next issue of Game Informer so if you?re interested to see the game in more detail, you can go check it out.

Battleborn is Gearbox Software?s upcoming competitive FPS game. It is set to be released next year on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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