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Gearbox Completes Battleborn Character List

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Last time, Gearbox Software introduced Thorn, Montana, and Reyna of their upcoming FPS Battleborn. As you have guessed, we will be bringing you the last three remaining characters of the game as Gearbox completes the cast.

This time around, the last three characters will be Rath, Marquis, and Caldarius. The characters will also be featured in the next issue of Game Informer Magazine, who also helped Gearbox in the introduction. Let?s check them out.


Rath is an immortal samurai wielding three energy-infused blades. Game Informer describes him as a cross between a samurai, a vampire, and a Sith Lord?? He doesn?t look like one but perhaps that?s because of his glowing katanas. The samurai belongs to the Jennerit Empire and was a member of the elite guard that protected the empress. Despite being called immortal, Rath can still be killed in the battlefield though. He is an agile character who excels in melee combat, although his mid-range skills can be deadly as well.

Primary Weapon: Katanas

Unique Abilities: Catalyric Smash, Crossblade, Genetic Syphon

Ultimate: Dreadwind




Are you up for some sniping action? Then Marquis will definitely be the one for you. Belonging to the Last Light Consortium, he is an aristocratic robot who has served as a butler to Phoebe?s family for centuries. Unfortunately, he was dismissed after a programming upgrade caused him to malfunction making him a bit crazy. He wields a golden sniper nicknamed ?Bindlebane,? which he uses with great accuracy. Like any sniper, Marquis is quite fragile in close quarters combat and should best stay behind the lines.

Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle

Unique Abilities: Predatory Strike, Time Dilation, Ein Zwei Die

Ultimate: Overcharge Blast




Similar to Rath, Caldarius is also a member of the Jennerit Empire. Unlike the samurai though, Caldarius made his way up the ranks through gladiatorial arenas. He was promised immortality after winning a tournament, but he also hates all other members of the empire for imprisoning him. Wielding a gun and a sword, Caldarius is a versatile warrior making him deadly in many aspects. His jetpack also allows him to maneuver vertically with ease.

Primary Weapon: Gun and Sword

Unique Abilities: Jetpack Dash, Blind Grenade, Rending Wounds

Ultimate: Jetpack



With all nine characters introduced, this completes the character?cast?for Battleborn. Have you already chosen who you will be playing?

Battleborn is Gearbox Software?s upcoming competitive FPS game. It is due to be released sometime next year on the PS4,?Xbox One, and PC.

Image Source: Gearbox Software

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