‘Gear VR’: Samsung’s VR Headset. A First Look?

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Samsung Gear VR (Image Credit to sammobile.com)
Samsung Gear VR (Image Credit to sammobile.com)

We?ve once talked about the possibility of Samsung, creating a VR headset of its own for mobile games, but we never thought that we would be seeing it this soon (or at least, if this image is true).

SamMobile ?released an image that would seem like a preview of how the Virtual Reality peeper would look like. They have also posted some details regarding their upcoming VR headset, which is to be officially launched alongside Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014.

The VR headset from Samsung will feature a modular design, which will allow users to connect a Galaxy device into the VR headset using USB 3.0 connection. The VR effect will be achieved through head tracking technology, and instead of sensors, Gear VR will take advantage of most Galaxy devices? accelorometers, gyroscope and processors. AMOLED ?powered Galaxy devices will also be the best devices to use with the VR headset.

According to anonymous developers who got to see the early stages of the VR headset, this project is still separate from Samsung?s ?Galaxy Glass? project.

A section of the Samsung Mobile apps will be dedicated for the Gear VR and this includes Theatre, 360 Player, Gallery and more. Pretty much like how it was with their Gear smartwatch software treatment. However, once the Gear is finally released, Samsung will also open a Software Development Kit for third-party developers to tinker around.

As previously reported, Oculus Rift people will be assisting in the development of the device, though all the hardware will be provided by Samsung. Software development will be the department where the Oculus VR guys will provide their helping hands.

How the Gear VR will compare to its competitors (or not), is something we?re about to see as Oculus? first developer conference is just a few days before IFA 2014, where Samsung launches their VR headset for Galaxy Devices.

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