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Weither it’s good or bad remains to be determined. First up: Killzone will finally show it’s face at E3 this year. At the conference, Phil Harrison revealed some long awaited in-game footage of Killzone, with the title ‘E3’ appearing at the end. However, Harrison’s words of warning before showing the clip seems to suggest this wasn’t run from a PS3:

“Please remember that we’re showing you this footage as an example of our technology.”
“Keep that in mind when looking at it and don’t think of it as looking at the game directly.”

The ‘technology’ that’s mentioned is “PlayStation Edge” a new graphics tool used to help make developing for the PS3 easier. In my mind, this means the footage was run off of a PC emulating PS3 tech, rather than on an actual PS3. Is it cheating? Maybe, but it’s better than nothing. Like any other avid gamer, I wish I could have seen the footage. For now, all I can do is report the news and hope the best come July. With the buzz slowed down to a crawl on this game, it’s good to see it still has some life.

Next up is Sony’s Home. From what I can tell, it’s like an MMO-Myspace. Users get their own character to customize and represent them in this virtual world. You can decorate your ‘Apartment space’ with furniture, pictures, movies, or even websites and invite friends over to check it out. There’s even a ‘Hall of Fame’, in which game accomplishments can be displayed as 3D trophies and video. With a high level of customization, this could be the unique feature that the PS3 has been missing.

For more in-depth information, see IGN’s full 3 page article here:

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