Gatebox Virtual Home Robot: New Virtual Assistant Better Than Siri

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Gatebox Virtual Home Robot

It’s a known fact that Japanese people have the craziest and most out-of-this-world ideas of invention. They take robots on a whole new level and Gatebox recently came out with the craziest invention. The Gatebox Virtual home robot is being marketed as more than a virtual assistant. It is also advertised as a virtual “waifu.”

The Future is Here, Thanks to Gatebox Virtual Home Robot

Feeling alone? Pathetic? Nobody there to love you? Everyone has their own lives? Need company? No problem! Gatebox has got your back!

The company is finally coming out with a Virtual Home Robot! The virtual robot would be automating homes and possibly keep the lonely people some sort of companion.

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According to the PC, Gatebox aims to fill the role of offering a virtual home robot through a very unique way of 3D projection inside the glass tube where there would an animated character living inside it.

Virtual ‘waifu’

Apparently, the character is classed as the “first character” with a really distinct personality. It has different voices who posses its own preferences such as its hobbies and the things that it would consider her favorites. It even has its own dislikes!

Gatebox Virtual Home Robot

The commercial shown on their YouTube page also shows that the character has the ability to help the owner with your automated house. It also constantly checks up on its owners through consistent communication by chatting with them.

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The video emphasizes that the robot would be possessing a real-life personality. (BTW, have you watched Her?) Although the character is still limited to one option, there would be a high chance that Gatebox would have more option of characters in the near future for people to interact with.

How it Works

The interaction between the robot and the user is done through voice command or voice chat while there’s a camera on top of the tube to ensure the character is able to see. Plus, point at the direction of the person she’s having a conversation with.

But that’s not the great news, the robot still works even if the owner’s away from home. It works with iOS and Android Gatebox app to chat with the robot or even get to command her to do things in time for your return.

As creepy as it may sound, Gatebox Virtual Home Robot is a sign of progress with technology and this is just one of the small steps to a great and brighter future of technology. Who knows, the next thing you know ?robots would be?trying to empower humans.

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