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Gatebox Price, Release Date, English Details: Where To Order Personal Hatsune Miku Assistant

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In this world wherein artificial intelligence is getting more popular each day, Gatebox has joined the competition as they introduce to us Azuma Hikari. Find out more about her below as well as where to order this amazing device.

Hikari is a holographic character inside the Gatebox. According to her own website, she is 20 years old and loves watching anime and eating donuts. With regards to having a conversation with her, she only speaks Japanese. On a good note, you can communicate with her through messages in the controlling app.

Moreover, you can actually see Hikari in the Gatebox because the gadget has a projector inside. The outside, on the other hand, has microphones, cameras and sensors. These features will help the device to detect temperature and motion so Hikari can interact with you.

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Aside from ?being your companion, Hikari can actually control your smart home equipment. She can as well be your personal alarm clock in the morning. Keeping tabs on your schedule is also one her capabilities. With all these features at hand, you should not expect Gatebox to be cheap.

So, let us talk prices. According to recent reports, this gadget is going to cost $2,600 in the United States. Consumers should also expect an English version of this device which may have a price of $3,000 for shipping. In terms of ordering the gadget, it is not yet available. But, you can check the Gatebox official website from time to time and see if pre-orders are already being accepted.

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There is only one character available in the device. As mentioned, it is Azuma Hikaru. But, other characters are coming as well. Developer Vinclu has already demonstrated the virtual singer Hatsune Miku. It is an indication that more characters are about to come soon.

This invention will never let you be alone again. Gatebox is perfect for those who are living alone and looking for a perfect companion. How about you? What do you think of this device from Japan? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The device is going to roll out in December 2017.

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