Garmin Presents Vivofit: a Wearable Tech with Neat Features

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Garmin has already established its image as a GPS device maker for sports and cars. The company found success in its products, until smartphone makers began integrating GPS chips and Google maps into their devices. Garmin needs to catch up with the drastic technological changes and one of its attempts would be the new Vivofit.

FuelBand Look ? Alike

Garmin?s new wearable tech looks like an inexpensive version of the Nike FuelBand or the Fitbit. The company already has an idea about battery life, which is why it got rid of LEDs and OLEDs to be replaced by a reflective LCD. It also knows how busy athletes are, especially ?during the weekend, so they have included a built ? in battery that could last for over a year. It also has a chest strap that can monitor a person?s heart rate. Getting this product right for the competition meant pricing it at $130, just like the Fitbit Force.

The Upside and Downside


However, there are still a few important things that Garmin should work on. If you want to monitor your heart rate 24/7, then you will have to wear the chest strap even as you sleep. One good thing about this product is the battery life, since it lasts for over a year and you no longer have to take it off for a recharge.

The Vivofit provides ease ? of ? use and simplicity, but has syncing problems. You still need to put the band into a special sync mode in order to connect it with your phone. It does not have a built ? in buzzer that tells you when you have finally achieved your goal. The reflective reverse LCD will also give you a hard time reading. For long time Garmin fans, this wearable does not have a GPS tracker. So, heads up!

Needs More Improvement

Garmin is known for its fitness watches with GPS. The brand was able to beat the likes of Polar and Suunto, the big brands for massive outdoor watches. Obviously, the VivoFit is just Garmin?s move to get into the wearable tech market using a simple device. A few things were done right in this product, but Garmin still has a lot of work to do.

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