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Gang Beasts PS4
Source: Gang Beasts E3 Trailer video

Developer Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts is taking center stage among the other games for  Sony PlayStation’s “Road To Greatness” tour that’s scheduled to end on June 18. Since the event already has a playable Gang Beasts PS4 version, fans are just waiting for its official release. Here’s what we know about the Gang Beasts PS4 release.

Road To Greatness Event

As seen on the official Road to Greatness site, Gang Beasts is among the six games brought on the tour for players to enjoy. A fan has confirmed that Gang Beasts has repeatedly appeared on PlayStation Experience events and rakes in many players. However, Gang Beast’s official PlayStation site page still doesn’t have a release date despite the interest that fans are showing right now.

Not Released in Q1

Earlier this year, Boneloaf confirmed on their official Twitter that the Gang Beasts PS4 release won’t happen this first quarter of 2017.  As of March 31, the developers said that they were still working on submitting the PS4 build to the PlayStation Store. The first quarter of 2017 is already over, which means more chances for players to expect the game soon. However, we’ll still have to wait for an official statement from the developers or Sony themselves for the Gang Beasts PS4 release.

Hilarity Ensues

Gang Beasts is a brawler battle royale game where players aim to be the last one standing in the match. Players can eliminate their opponents through throwing them off the map. The game gets sillier as the attack controls can be somewhat complicated. The struggle to grasp the controls while dealing with the other players easily brews up some hilarious moments between the players. Gang Beasts’ chaotic fun is one of the few reasons why people want to play this game.

Multiplayer Madness

Boneloaf’s game also gets more chaotic as more players crowd the area. Players have a choice to team up, betray, gang up, hide, or fight everybody they can.  The best way to have control of other players is to land a hit on their head and throwing them to off a high place or a dangerous spot to finish them.

Each map also has map gimmicks that can be used to spice up the match’s events. Some support cords and beams can be attacked to cut them and let its held object fall. Usually, these punchable supports hold the stage together which actually makes it risky to attempt. Potentially, more maps might be added for the Gang Beasts PS4 release to encourage new players to take a copy off the PlayStation Store.

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