Gang Beasts Nintendo Switch Release Under Consideration, Xbox One Version Not Happening Due To Microsoft’s Parity Clause

gang beasts nintendo switch
A Nintendo Switch version of Gang Beasts might be coming. [Image from PlayStation]

It looks like a Gang Beasts Nintendo Switch release is being heavily considered by its developers, after troubles with Microsoft. The quirky brawler is not getting an Xbox One release, due to the company’s parity clause on the console. Gang Beasts isn’t the first game to get troubled by this and it looks like it won’t be the last one either.

According to an interview with GamesIndustry, Microsoft’s parity clause requires indie games to get a simultaneous release with other consoles. Other parts of the clause involve exclusive features for the Xbox One version of the game and temporary exclusivity. This worked for the acclaimed game Inside, which got a PS4 release a few months after debuting on Xbox One.

Microsoft Problems

As mentioned earlier, a Gang Beasts Nintendo Switch release looks more realistic, now that the Xbox One version is canned. The developers did want to work on a version for Microsoft’s current-gen console, but the parity clause prevent that. While it wasn’t outright cancelled, the developers said they will not be prioritizing an Xbox One release anytime soon.

It’s a bit of a shame, since the Xbox One could use more colorful titles like Gang Beasts in it. Microsoft will need to make some changes soon, since they need more indie titles to interest a variety of gamers. While Xbox One gamers shouldn’t feel like second class citizens, the clause seems to hurt them more than help them.

A Fitting Port

Considering how colorful and unique the game is, a Gang Beasts Nintendo Switch release isn’t a bad idea. Nintendo has always made games for the whole family, so a title like this is up the company’s alley. With appealing local multiplayer, it’s a more than a perfect indie game to bring to the super popular console of Nintendo.

Gang Beasts currently has no release date, but the title is readily available in Steam as an Early Access title. A PS4 version is in development, though there are no possibilities of it coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Fans might want to check this out, as it mixes brawling gameplay with cute visuals and plenty of physics-based amusement.

Players can pick the Early Access version of the game on Steam and Oculus Rift, so that’s interesting. The PS4 version has been confirmed, as well as a version for PS VR, but has no release date yet as of this writing.

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