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Gaming Dilemma: 4K or 60FPS?

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4k Gaming (Image Credit to Gamespot YouTube)
4k Gaming (Image Credit to Gamespot YouTube)

There?s still some debate going on, whether 4K is the future of gaming or not, but as things are turning out, it would seem like the 3840×2160 display would be a standard in gaming of tomorrow. In fact, 4k was already within our reach with extremely high-end gaming rigs, but we?re not quite there just yet.

4k monitors are starting to get cheaper by the minute, but are they worth the extra buck? Not by a long mile. Even with a $1500 gaming rig (or possibly higher), 4k is still damn demanding for optimal framerate settings on your game. However, if you are willing to go 30 fps, 4k would be something of a different story.

In a report from PC Gamer, they figured that attempting to run the game Metro: Last Light in 4k would end up as a failure, with barely reaching any decent framerate above 20, or even lower.

Still, some games showed a bit of promise, but they didn?t quite strike that ?Oohh? factor that we were looking for in a smooth 4k gaming experience.

Less demanding games like Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider were also tested on the 4k resolution, with a bit of tweaking in the settings, but still, practically cranked up to the Ultra settings. None of them came close to what we would accept as, silky smooth framerate of 60 fps, but they ran above 30, which is pretty okay for some. An older game called Sleeping Dogs, which demands less resources and processing power was close enough, and of course, game like Counter Strike: Global Offensive ran pretty well and hit the 60 fps mark. All these were tested using a Titan Black.

This should give you a rough idea of how the processing power of today can deal with 4K. Again, if not getting 60 fps isn?t a big deal to you, you might be interested in venturing in the 4k side of gaming as they look mouth-watering fantastic, but if you?re all about precision with how smooth, your games play out, you might want to shy away from 4K monitors for a bit more.

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