GameStop Simplifying Their Digital PC Game Service, Offers Discounts

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In an effort to better serve their customers, GameStop has re-launched its digital distribution service for their PC games. They are offering a more streamlined process for customers in the US who buy digital downloads of their PC games in GameStop stores or on their website.

Digital downloads are classified as Full Games, Add-ons, and Free Trials. Full Games are the complete version of the game in digital format. They are the most popular ones and they go directly to your console or computer. Add-ons are enhancements to games that the player already owns. These include expansion packs, map packs, themes, and many more. Free Trials are games that you can play for free, but only for a limited time. They are used to entice gamers to buy the full version.

The issue that buyers had previously with GameStop was that they had to go through the GameStop App to be able to buy anything. This involved having to install the app on their computer to be able to manage the library of purchases. GameStop has done away with that and now, buyers only need to provide their email address when they make a purchase and they will receive an email with a download code together with instructions on how to redeem the game through different services like Valve?s Steam, Ubisoft?s Uplay, and Electronic Arts? Origin. The original GameStop app will still work with previously purchased games, but moving forward, it will mainly function as a library manager for the games.

Alan Walters, GameStop?s Director of Merchandising, gave the update by saying: “Until now, our digital download process had multiple steps. After receiving customer feedback over the past year, we’ve made improvements to simplify our digital PC game purchase and download process. Our enhancements simplify the process and offer customers a streamlined experience.”

To entice buyers, GameStop puts their stamp on the re-launch of its digital distribution service with a few special offers. Starting from today through June 2, discounts of up to 85 percent will be available on games from different publishers like Activision, Capcom, EA, Square Enix, and 2K Games. There are currently around 1200 downloadable titles for both Mac and Windows PC in GameStop?s repertoire.

Aside from the discount, GameStop will also be offering a 30 percent bonus on game trade-ins for all PC digital products like Origin cards and Steam Wallet cards.

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