Gamespy/Scaleform Launch In-Game Lobby Solution

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Gamespy is back in the game with the new Scaleform In-Game Lobby. It was made popular in Crysis and now it will be available for developers to use in other games. Don’t feel like coding an in-game lobby? Pick up a Scaleform kit.

Scaleform and GameSpy Launch Comprehensive In-Game Lobby Solution

Scaleform Lobby already featured in Crytek’s critically acclaimed

Greenbelt, MD – February 14, 2008 – Scaleform Corporation and GameSpy Technology announce the debut of the Scaleform Lobby at GDC 2008.
Scaleform Lobby is a fully-configured out-of-the-box solution designed to
dramatically reduce the cost and overhead that game developers spend when
creating in-game multiplayer interfaces. The lobby is built on the
Scaleform GFx^TM vector graphics engine, which allows artists to easily
customize the look and feel of the User Interface (UI) using Adobe Flash^TM
Studio. Scaleform’s partnership with industry leader GameSpy provides a
ready-to-use networking interface.

Scaleform and GameSpy worked closely with Crytek to ensure the lobby was
battle tested and production ready for the entire game developer community.
“Scaleform Lobby’s components provided the building blocks for Crytek
to rapidly develop Crysis’^TM premier multiplayer user interface
experience,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek. “We were
able to easily customize Crysis’ lobby to provide a seamless user
experience consistent with the game’s UI. By deploying Scaleform Lobby
within our existing GFx production pipeline, the Crytek team achieved
optimal development time and significant cost savings.”

Scaleform Lobby is a comprehensive set of optimized components for account
creation and management, server browser, buddy systems, statistics and
matchmaking functionality, along with integrated chat supporting rich text
emoticons and Asian IME text input. The lobby is designed for localization
and comes preconfigured with 10 languages. With minimal customization, the
Scaleform Lobby can be integrated into a game’s existing network
infrastructure or utilized with GameSpy’s world class services.

“We designed the Scaleform Lobby from the ground up to deal with the
most demanding requirements of AAA game developers,” said Brendan Iribe,
CEO of Scaleform. “Building on our experience working with GameSpy,
Crytek and our rapidly growing customer base of over 150 titles, we created
an in-game lobby solution that can be easily integrated and customized for
a wide range of games.”

“With over 500 console, handheld and PC titles utilizing our online
technology, the Scaleform Lobby is a perfect complement to GameSpy’s
extensive set of services. This collaboration will help our customers
reduce the time and expense of creating custom in-game multiplayer
interfaces, while improving the overall consumer experience and
functionality,” said Drew Curby, Director of Sales & Marketing, GameSpy

Demonstration versions of Scaleform Lobby will be available through
GameSpy and Scaleform. Developer versions of the lobby are available to
qualified users through Scaleform’s Developer Network. Both companies
will be demonstrating the Scaleform Lobby at GDC 2008.

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