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Games You’d Want To See In Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus VR Headset

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VR Headset: Oculus Rift

VR Headset: Oculus Rift


Virtual Reality games are slowly starting to surface and eventually, it will become the mainstream of video gaming. With the ones existing right now, gamers must be wondering of these VR headsets used to play popular and well-known games. When Oculus Rift came out, it became really popular because of the surreal gaming experience one can get from it. It sports a high resolution display and a very wide field of view. It doesn?t even have any noticeable latency when turning. Sony recently followed Oculus Rift?s example and announced their own VR gaming headset called ?Project: Morpheus?. VR gaming is starting to become the next big thing and gamers are gradually transitioning to this.

With the length of time that the Oculus Rift was around, it demonstrated endless possibilities for VR gaming. It was specifically designed for upcoming first person video games. However, hundreds of owners of the dev kit managed to make it work with certain games like Battlefield, Slender and other first person games, though they have a few glitches and calibration issues as they were developed and released even before the ?rift? was created.

Seeing the Rift in action first hand is very different than just watching people playing it in YouTube videos. Even after playing for hours or days, you will keep feeling the unreal and disorienting sensation while using the headset, but nonetheless, amazing. Here are some of the games you?d want to see and experience with Oculus Rift or, possibly, with Sony?s own VR Headset.


This game is already disorienting in its own. You use a portal gun and practically make portals where you can come in and out. Because of the game?s nature, you will be jumping around and falling all over the place. Portal 2 is already one of the greatest games around in its age up until now and with a VR headset?s help, this experience will be more satisfying.

Lost In The Rift

One of the popular games specifically for Oculus Rift. It doesn?t have any jump scares like most horror games have and it is a bit short. The graphics in the game don?t even stand out for today?s graphical standards. What makes this game one of the best games of the Rift is, its controls that fit perfectly with the VR headset. It is similar with another game called ?Slender?. The game?s atmosphere is perfect and it will creep you out in the entire time you?re playing it.


This is a popular game. If you haven?t heard of it, nobody can tell what kind of rock you have been hiding. It is one of the most epic RPG games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. With the VR Headset?s help, the game feels more ?real? and not to mention, tenfold more enjoyable.

Slender: The Arrival

Another horror game for VR headsets. (They are more suited for these kind of games). Slender Man is popular for one thing, and it?s about scaring you. Playing it with a VR headset multiplies the scariness of this game.

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