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Games You Can Play Before Attack on Titan Season 2 Arrives

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The recent end of the anime Attack on Titan?s Season 1 leaves fans hanging, wondering when the Attack on Titan Season 2 will air. Some of them could read the manga of the series, but that is still ongoing and chapters are not updated as fast as they should be. However, there are solutions. For one, anime fans can look forward to a live-animation film, rumored to be released next year.

Among the fans of the anime series are gamers, who praise the mechanics and technology explored in the series. They use 3D maneuver gears in their fight against the Titans, a steam-punkish technology where steam propels them through the air, wherein they whirl and fight against the Titans and possibly kill them.

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It can get pretty boring quickly when you?re waiting on something for quite a long time. However, for the gamers, there are games which can help you ride out the wait for the season 2 of the series. Here they are:

-?????? For Android: Attack on Titan: The Wings of Counterattack

It is one of the first official Attack on Titan games out there. It is free-to-play, and relies on a micro transaction-based card system in regards of its gameplay. In the game, you create your own character, and then you collect cards which you use to build a team of the characters available in the game. The game?s main object is to, of course, battle Titans.


-?????? For Web Browsers: Attack on Titan: The Wings of Counterattack Online

This is an updated browser version of the very same Attack on Titan game that made its way into mobile devices. The very same mechanics of the game are available on this version, except, of course, for some elements. The computer being a more powerful platform, this game makes use of that very well.


-?????? For Nintendo 3DS: Attack on Titan: The Last Wings of Mankind

This game makes use of the 3DS? game engine and is one of the very first to allow you to use the environment. The game makes use of the 3D maneuver gear to great effect, wherein you can zip around and use the gear to kill Titans.


-?????? For PlayStation 3: Attack on Titan: Lost in the Cruel World

It is a presentation of Attack on Titan in a different setting, but rather than a game, this is one of the first of four visual novels. It is found on the anime?s third disc. In this series, viewers can further explore the life of fan favorite Mikasa Ackerman before and after she meets Eren Jaeger.


-?????? For PlayStation 3: Attack on Titan: A Choice with No Regrets

This is the second in the four visual novels that has come out for Attack on Titan. This series puts the Survey Corp?s commander, Erwin, and Levi?s lives on the spotlight.


-?????? For PlayStation 3: Attack on Titan: Wall Sina, Goodbye

Another part of the four novel mini-stories, this time, it is Annie who takes on the spotlight. She is one of the series? most important and enigmatic characters, with a big secret being revealed later on in the series.


-?????? For PlayStation 3: An Untitled Visual Novel

This is another part of the mini-series, though it is as of yet completely unnamed and has yet to have a title. This is a side-story of the first meeting between Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackerman. It is going to come out on the same format as the earlier titles in the series.

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