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Games with Gold For August, Revealed!

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Great news Microsoft?s Xbox Live Gold subscribers! This one is for you!

Microsoft through ?Games with Gold? program will be offering free games to those who subscribe to Microsoft?s Xbox Live Gold tier for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

?Sometimes the thing you need most is a few great games to play, and that’s a piece of cake this month for Xbox Live Gold members. ?August sees Crimson Dragon and ID@Xbox space-sim Strike Suit Zero: Director?s Cut coming to Games with Gold on Xbox One, while the Xbox 360 gets both Motocross Madness and the hit first-person stealther Dishonored.?

Since Microsoft has announced that they will be extending their Games with Gold program indefinitely, here are some of the games available for those who subscribe with Microsoft?s Xbox Live Gold.


? Crimson Dragon by Grounding / Land Ho! for Xbox One, $19.99 (ERP) will be available on Aug. 1-31.

Crimson Dragon, originally an Xbox One launch title, and acts as a spiritual successor to the much-beloved Panzer Dragoon saga.


? Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut by Born Ready Games for Xbox One, $19.99 (ERP) also available Aug. 1-31.

It has its origins in crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and was the first title from the ID@Xbox program. You take on the role of a pilot of the titular suit, flying it against aggressors in epic space battles.


? Motocross Madness by Bongfish GmbH for Xbox 360, $9.99 (ERP) on available Aug. 1-15.

Back on earth Xbox 360 gamers get to tool around the dirt tracks and mud pits of their imaginations with Motocross Madness, an off-road motorcycle racing game. Racing against the clock (or other racers) is just a small part of this one, as you?ll be able to perform tricks, run through obstacle courses, or just motor around big maps and explore as you please.

? Dishonored by Arkane Studios for Xbox 360, $19.99 (ERP) for available Aug. 16-31.

Your job is to protect the princess, take out the bad guys who are trying to take over the Empire, and do it all undetected.

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