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2010 is shaping up to ?be one of the deepest years in gaming history. It seems that every month has one to two AAA titles coming out. While we are getting our gaming fix in 2010 releases. There are some games floating around that we’d like to know more about. Games that?haven’t?been announced or that have been announced, but just haven’t gotten enough content released to the public. Hopefully in 2010, at upcoming events like E3 and GDC we will get more information on these future games…

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Basically, since the game was announced at E3 ’06 we have seen two trailers for it. Both have tickled the fancy of gamers all over the world with the Final Fantasy name and dark setting. Even non-Final Fantasy fans are excited about the game because of the “non turn-based” gameplay. This game is not your traditional Final Fantasy, but maybe that is a good thing? Tetsuya Nomura, director of the game, has stated that he thinks this game will graphically look better than Final Fantasy XIII and that it ?will bring something new to the table for Final Fantasy fans. With the game being in development for nearly 5 years, hopefully we get some actual gameplay and a release date in 2010.

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts 3

Thought I’d group these together because the staff working on Versus XIII are also the team behind the Kingdom Hearts series. We all know a home console sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 is coming, but so far there has been no official announcement. Some people are speculating what console it may come out on, but I think it’s safe to say that it is at least coming out on the PS3 and no chance at it coming for the Wii; like some think. Possibly a reveal at TGS would be greatly appreciated by Kingdom Hearts fans, but we will only get news on this game if Versus XIII wraps up in 2010.



I’m excited for this game, but it’s funny the hype surrounding it. I was at the Sony Press Conference when it was revealed, and all we got is a screen with the title of the game. We should be excited, but I think when actual footage of this game comes out the internet will shut down. Rockstar and espionage sounds like a killer combo. They have the tech down now for the PS3, and since this is an?exclusive?maybe they will push the hardware like a 1st party developer? I think it’s safe to say that we can expect something at E3 2010, but I think a 2010 release date is asking too much.

Gears of War

Gears of War 3

This game is not ?coming out in 2010. It doesnt make sense for Microsoft to publish the game in 2010. Halo: Reach is going to do what it needs to do to get attention for the console both media wise and sales wise. Gears 3 should be shown at E3 2010, and released sometime in 2011. No need to release both games in the Fall. They can show off Gears of War 3 at E3 as their big surprise announcement, and have a very good showing. There is no need to rush though because while Gears of War 2 was a great game, if Epic takes their time they can bring a lot more to the table in terms of quality.

Yakuza 4

We know it’s coming in Japan, but we’d really like a Western release as well! Word from TGS is that the game blew away American journalists when it came to it’s quality. One journalist said, “This game blows GTA IV out of the water”. Big words. While we’re getting Yakuza 3 this year in the West. It would be nice to not have to wait a couple years to get Yakuza 4. The game is going to have 4 stories, and be set in the redlight district in Tokyo. Cool stuff. Great game franchise. Come West!


Resistance 3

Like, I said about Gears of War 3 the same should be said for Resistance 3. Sony could and probably should release this game in the Fall. Something to go head to head with Halo: Reach. Makes sense that it would come out this year based off of Insomniac’s past record of switching between Ratchet and Resistance. Show it off at E3, and hope for the best. ?I also hope, like Gears 3, that they don’t rush the game out. Take time to get the game perfect. Work on the graphics as well. While Resistance was a nice looking game, it could get a?graphics?boost to compete with other PS3 exclusives.


New Zelda

I might buy a Wii for this game. I’ve been holding out on getting a Wii, but now with Metroid: Other M, Super Mario Galazy 2, and a new Zelda I might not be able to hold myself back. The game is supposed to be refreshing to hardcore Zelda fans with new features, new gameplay, and not the same old save Princess Zelda story. Obviously this is still a Zelda game, but I think Miyamoto wants this game to be as refreshing to fans as Super Mario Galaxy was to Mario fans. We’re gonna get info at E3. Hopefully tons of gameplay! Only bad thing is that it’s not going to be in HD.

Metal Gear Rising

Metal Gear Rising

Ok, it’s staring Raiden. That’s about all we know. Is it before or after the events of MGS4? How much is Kojima involved? How does the game look and play on the 360? How is the gameplay going to be different with a ninja character like Raiden instead of Snake? Sooo many questions and not enough answers.

Fallout: New Vegas

Gamers everywhere loved Fallout 3. Fallout: New Vegas was announced last year, but we?haven’t?seen anything on it since. The game is being developed by Obsidian (KOTOR2/Alpha Protocol) and not Bethesda. Will that hurt the quality of the game, or is Obsidian just going to give us Fallout 3 in a Vegas setting ? Fallout in a Vegas world is a great and interesting combination, and could be the beginning of a great game. The game was supposed to come out in Spring of 2010, but obviously that won’t be happening. Hoping for more news soon.

The Last Guardian

We have trailers of this game, but I want more!!! Fumito Ueda is one of the greatest minds in gaming today, and who doesn’t want to see more of what his team can do with the PS3 software. The games he makes are emotionally engaging, and unique for the world we are in today. The game looks stunning from what we’ve seen and can only look better. If The Last Guardian is anything like Shadows of the Colossus or Ico then we got another masterpiece on the way.

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