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Games with Gold September 2016: Free Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Titles Not Yet Released In US

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Xbox Games With Gold

Each month, Microsoft releases a handful of bonuses for premium subscribers through its Xbox Games with Gold program. Aside from releasing free titles on a monthly basis, Microsoft also increases the library of Xbox One backwards compatible titles for players. The library is already huge now but there are a few titles with backwards compatibility that were already given away in other regions but not yet in the US. Here?s what they are:

  • ????????Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts
  • ????????Halo Wars
  • ????????Joy Ride Turbo
  • ????????Viva Pi?ata
  • ????????Perfect Dark Zero
  • ????????Comic Jumper
  • ????????Jetpac Refuelled
  • ????????Splosion Man

All of these titles are part of Microsoft?s Backwards Compatibility feature. These titles haven?t offered in the Games With Gold program yet in the US. In fact, these games have been offered as freebies in other regions including Germany, Japan, Russia and Korea. They served as replacement titles to other Xbox Games With Gold offerings for their respective months for varying reasons.

Players can expect to get a hold of these titles anytime as it has already been an offering in some regions, probably within the next couple of months. Though not as impressive as Microsoft?s other offerings, they?re still pretty good additions to the library considering that they’re free.

One of the notable titles on the list is Perfect Dark Zero. First released in 2005, the game was met with good response and it even bagged the award for IGN?s Xbox 360 Best Xbox Live Game and Best Offline Multiplayer game. It?s surely a must-have once it comes as a freebie to premium subscribers.

Another notable title is Halo Wars. This title is an RTS spin-off of the hit franchise. Those aching to get their hands on the upcoming Halo Wars 2 should get this title the moment it?s offered for free in Microsoft?s premium subscription program.

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