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Games for girls: Why Dragon Age’s Alistair, Zevran, Anders and Fenris make us swoon (spoilers ahoy!) ?

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If there?s one reason why girls should get into games like Dragon Age, it?s because there?s a dating sim element to the game weaved seamlessly into the story of your character. I don?t want to make it sound like I?m not into the romances and relationship functions of the game because I really am?I was just really lucky to get into the game without knowing there was even an option to establish in-game relationships with the NPC?s (cue inane giggling)!

So what happened when these guys started flirting with my Grey Warden? I realized how awesome a good story, good NPCs, good writing and your own choices make your game into an even greater adventure. Here?s my take on the boys of Dragon Age:

1. Alistair

When he first flirts with you on the way to Redcliffe and opens up, to him being a bastard prince, he can be nothing but adorable. If you want the usual route of sweet, caring, sensitive and boy-next-door, make sure you get this Chantry Boy to give you that rose. But what I hated about the latter part of the game was that Alistair could actually be that much of a coward and that weak a man to not understand your decision to end the Blight. Still, his muscles, accent and boyish charm are really the things that are going to get you weak-kneed.

2. Zevran

What?s funny about Zevran is that for a florid Antivan, he hardly minces words. I like the fact that you could get under his skin and throw off the little jaded whoreson into thinking that you really do love him. My favourite line from his dialogue is when he said he?d go to the Black City with you, no questions asked. His swarthy complexion and fabulous hair are great for girls who like dandies. Now that?s the deadliest assassin in Thedas for you.

3. Anders

When I finally found out that I could get Anders as a love interest in Dragon Age 2, I bought the game on pre-order. Sadly, the banter and the romance didn?t do anything to save the horrid gameplay, repetitive maps and weaker storyline than the original game. Still, it felt nice for the snarky-turned-emo mage to warm up to you. Too bad he botches everything up in the end and even tricks you in the process. But if you played the game from Dragon Age: Origins, the romance is all the sweeter.

4. Fenris

With that deep voice and silver tattoo job, there?s a lot to like about this elf aesthetically. But he?s irascible, rude and even more difficult to talk to than Loghain ever was. So what?s his appeal? He was a former slave and the minute he feels shackled, he runs. But he doesn?t mind being shackled to you at all.


Did that make you miss your Dragon Age beau? Install the game again and relive the romance just in time for Dragon Age 3?where of course you might get another romance option.

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