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Games for Girls: Exploring Sims 3: Supernatural’s Whimsical Nature

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People have a strange fascination over the darker side of things. By this, we mean the supernatural, the unnatural order of things. People have an appreciation for the dark because it is both fascinating and frightening to think about. This fascination is driven by fear of the unknown; the fear of not knowing what lurks in the dark, and whether it is friend or foe.

In media, this has been explored thoroughly. We saw the cult following of Anne Rice?s vampire novels. In the movies, we have the Underworld series that chronicles the millenial war between vampires and werewolves, set in a world which rarely sees daylight. Another movie that explores this conflict is Twilight, although it also explores the angle of forbidden love between a vampire and a human, something that mirrors our actual relationship with the macabre and the unseen.

In games, it has been explored?and thus, exploited?time and time again. Skyrim may have werewolves and vampires, but an actual conflict between them is lacking. That may have been solved by a few mods, mods which add a depth and different dimension to the game. Another game worth noting is Sims 3, which has added an expansion, namely Sims 3: Supernatural, that lets you live as a vampire or a werewolf, among others.

A Fascination for Everything Vampire ? For Girls

As evidenced by the phenomenon generated by the vampire romance movie ?Twilight?, packaging the supernatural to be appealing enough to a female audience may have great, if not fantastic, results. While some scenes in the movie Twilight may have been cringe-worthy, it didn?t appear to be like that at all for most girls, with some finding it cute even. That is the aim of Sims 3: Supernatural. It strives to make the supernatural look natural enough?cute, even.

Sims 3: Supernatural brings us to a new town named Moonlight Falls, where something always goes bump in the night. Its citizens just seems to be more than just natural citizens. Will they succumb to the power of the full moon, or will they use this power instead and control it, instead of the other way around?

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This expansion pack for the Sims 3 brings new options to the table when designing a new character. From just being able to create them either male or female, new options are added. Now, you also have the added option of either marking your character with Lycanthrophy, having an Elder vampire re-birth your character, or have him or her trained in the arcane arts, have a lineage that was born out of nature, or have a character that just stubbornly refuses to die. The possibilities just became more diverse.

The Fantasy Element made Practical

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While it is whimsical in nature, particularly the faeries, expect Sims 3: Supernatural to bring down these traits into a completely practical setting. Your vampire character may be interested in ruling the world, thus setting down the road to become a complete corporate magnate. Your werewolf may want the grungier side of things, and he may become interesting enough as a rockstar, or have a career as a top sleuth, relying on his honed senses to find things and what not. Other options are available for your other characters. As a witch, you may be more inclined to become a chemical genius; a Zombie may be ale to overwork themselves and become an immortal magnate; and your faerie may influence enough people to become the Mayor.

While this game seems to be a cinch for girls, expect the male audience to be enthralled as well. Sims 3: Supernatural?s magic lies in bringing you to a world where supernatural becomes natural, and whimsical is blended in with the practical.

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