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Games for Girls: Bring all the Boys to the Yard with Otome games ?

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Long have I lamented the fact that hentai games are marketed and produced mainly for male audiences and there is a lack of these games for girls. Although this problem is rooted in societal norms imposed on women, I?m just happy that I?ve found the lovefest that are Otome games.

Technically, Otome games are dating sims or visual novels that target females as their audience. You usually play a female that?s going to end up going through a story driven by her relationships with the male (and sometimes female!) NPCs. Naturally, just like the usual hentai game or visual novel marketed to men, you get to establish relationships in-game with these NPCs.

So how do you get Otome games? Naturally, Japanese and Korean companies have released games for various platforms. iOS and Android users can get easy access to these games for girls. Lots of Otome games are available on the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS system. You can also get the best titles out there on PC.

Thing is, you?d need to know the Japanese language to play them all. Since these games are all the rage in Japan, they usually only get translated to English when a Western game company takes it up. There are freelance translation groups out there, though, that have come up with English translation patches and even full-length English walkthroughs for the games.

So which Otome games are good? That depends on what?s important to you and what?s accessible. Check these out anyway:

1. Voltage and NTT Solmare on iOS and Android

The games that these companies churn out are rather formulaic, only changing the appearance of the male NPCs and the theme of the story. Take your pick of the theme that you want?you can have policemen, Arabian princes, half-demons and even HS students. What?s great about these games is the handheld quality where you can technically bring your digital boyfriend along wherever you go!

2. Hakuoki

One of the most popular and masterfully-done Otome games, you get to have relationships with the members of the Shinsengumi. So if you know who Hajime Saitou is, you get to be his girlfriend! Each boy has a different personality and if you?re looking for a good story, this is the game to pick up. What?s great about this game is that it?s available on various platforms such as the PC, PS3 and PS Vita and PSP!

3. Trick or Alice

A relatively new Otome game, you essentially play Alice in a different kind of wonderland?populated by hot guys! This game is available for PS Vita and PC but doesn?t have an English translation as of the moment. But if you can read Japanese, you?re in for a treat!

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