Games Com 2009 Report

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It all went by so fast, but the experience is ever lasting. This year’s Games Com was amazing with all the hyped up games and sneak peeks at next year titles as well. Although I’m picky when it comes to purchasing games, the titles coming out this year and next will have my wallet crying.

It all started at the main entrance and I worked my way to the Business Halls. They were empty on Saturday, because the producers and managers had already given their presentations and interviews from Monday to Thursday. So no luck for me when it came to getting an interview. No matter, I still had booths to visit and shwag to grab! I made my way to the Consumer Halls and first stop was Capcom.

I waited in line for the Dark Void demo, for about 40 minutes or so. Upon entering, the game demo was left off to where the previous players had been. Starting off in a pause menu and being subjected to a barrage of enemy fire isn’t the best way to make a first impression. After starting fresh from a fateful death, I had some trouble with the controls, especially with the jet pack. It took me a few minutes to get used to, but ultimately got a handle on how to maneuver around the stage. First day buy? Perhaps, but I’d like to see what other features this game has in store first.

Then came Singularity for the Xbox 360, and that took me about 45 minutes of waiting – which in the end was very much worth the wait! Singularity offers so much for a FPS and after talking to the producer, the online mode would be just as fun with the features. If you don’t know already, the main feature is controlling certain objects with time. You can either break down a gas barrel or reconstruct it, and then fire at it to explode. Why break down objects with time? Well, let’s say there’s an enemy ducking for cover behind a large cement pipe and it appears that there’s no way around to get at him. With the time control feature, you can break down that pipe and blast away. Also, there are a few enemies that can be instantly killed with this time control. The depths of what you can do and puzzles to solve in this game seem bottomless. This is definitely a day one buy for any FPS gamer or any Xbox 360 gamer.

I walked around and peeked at DJ Hero, which didn’t grab my full attention – not even for 5 minutes. Sure it’s cool that you can now DJ some songs, but it just wasn’t for me. Then came Rock Band Beatles, but I didn’t have a chance to play that due to the VERY long line – and same goes for Activision/Blizzard. A four hour waiting period doesn’t suite me at all, so I moved along towards the Star Wars: Old Republic MMO. Though I couldn’t play the actual game, I was given a lot of info about the game play and classes. If only my PC could handle such power…

Of course, I took some pictures of cosplayers. Some had it spot on with the design, while others were lacking in creativity. If you ever have the chance to take a cosplayers’ picture, do so. No real reason why, it’s just fun.

Square Enix had Final Fantasy 14 playable demo, but they ran out of cards when I got there. I guess that you would need them in order to play the demo… Oh well, to wait a year for FF14 is worth it for any FF fan. I did however, manage to get my hands on Dissidia. I did a review in one of my Japan Gaming episodes with the Japanese version, and the European one was not a let down. In fact, I’d probably get the European version when it comes out. Back to FF14 for a second – the graphics looked great for a PS3 MMO. Too bad the crowd was too big for me to get a close up shot…

After hours of walking and looking around at what was mostly presented at the E3, I decided to head over to a certain booth for a break and to see if my co-workers and I could get into the Sony party – which we did later on. The Sony party was a blast, but the beer wasn’t as good as Bayern beer. But I shouldn’t complain since it was free ^_^

All in all, I had a great time and hope to see more next year!

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