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Not Just Games and Apps: Different Things You Can Do With Your Tablet

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So what exactly do you use your tablet for?

A friend told me once that she doesn?t think tablets are useful. Smartphones and laptops can do the things it can do better. She also said that it is just a waste of money. Why buy a tablet when you can use your other gadgets for the same purpose?

I thought about the things she said and wondered. Yeah, she?s right. Aside from using it to play games and access apps, what good can it do to you?

Here are some tasks your tablet can be helpful at:

  • Use it as your?dSLR assistant. Yes, you can control your dSLR using an Android device. Download the DSLR Android app and use your USB On-the-Go adapter. You can use them with your tablet to have access to different advantages like better focus, time-lapse photography and sharing of your photos instantly. Just connect it and every function available on your camera will show on your tablet?s screen.


  • Turn your Kindle Fire into a jukebox. Sing along to your favorite songs using your tablet. Upload the songs to Amazon?s Cloud Player or stream them via services like Pandora and Spotify. Isn?t that one cool cloud-connected music system?


  • Your tablet can serve as a portable digital canvass. Bring out your artistic side by using a new sketch pad ? your tablet! Aside from the convenience, you can also share your work instantly and get credit for it.


  • Use it as a console companion. Just set up your device and you can access various Xbox One and Playstation 4 features right from your tablet. Playing games is not what this is just all about. You can also navigate your console?s user interface, launch different apps, and access social features like achievements, messages and friends.


  • Turn it into a fab picture frame. If you?re not really using your tablet during the weekdays or during working hours, why not use it to display your memorable moments? It?s not even your traditional picture frame; it?s a social one! You can even connect it to your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account using the free Dayframe app.


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