Games and Girls: Our Gamer Girl Crushes

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Everybody has a good time when you put two good things together. Take a look at pizza and fries, bacon and eggs, whiskey and a cigar, a beer keg and a fraternity, your drunk friend and a whiteboard marker. And now, TheBitBag presents another combination we are sure is going to make a lot of gaming fans happy: games and girls.

How, you say? We have scoured the internet for a list of all those females who are into gaming. Take a look at our list of gamer girl crushes.


Seo Ji-Soo



? Her real name might not ring a bell, but if you throw in her alias ?ToSsGirL?, then you see the sparkle in their eyes. This lovely South-Korean has earned the top spot in female-only championship tournaments such as the TV Female League Championships and has even bested some of the top male gamers in the realm of StarCraft. You read it right. This woman gets PAID TO PLAY. Something you wish you had. Although she?s retired as of right now, we?re pretty sure she can still kick your butt in a quick one-on-one.


Linda Liao



? What is it with Asians and video games? If they?re not better than you at gaming, they?re far prettier. Going under the name ?Pikachu?, this Taiwanese VJ (yes, she?s that charming) has garnered the title of number one diamond player for Star Craft at one point in time. Don?t you dare make fun of those skinny fingers, they?re faster and better than yours. Her Protoss gaming will make your Zerg Rush look like child?s play. She?s part of team Razer. You know, that internationally-recognized team of professional gamers who have their own line of gaming equipment? Here?s a link to her signing with them.


Symone Oei


? At this point, we?ll have to apologize for the sudden lack in hardcore female gamers. There is a great shortage of them. But keeping our promise in check, we have another cutie who isn?t that into video games but has made her way into this list for acting like she?s into them. This lovely Singaporean hosts her own site which you?ll find has nothing to do with gaming, but we wanted you to see how cute she is. Here?s the video that got her into this list. We love the way she does a rage quit on account of the referee. Wouldn?t you like to argue with her all day about games?


We couldn?t find another set of prettier faces in gaming. We here would gladly go through any gaming marathon with them. We would also probably let them win to see them trashtalk and pelvic thurst and we wouldn?t mind at all. TheBitBag strongly urges the male reader to get his girl in on gaming so that he doesn?t need to look for lists like this. We urgently advise the female reader to get into gaming so that we have more crushes to list here.


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