Gamers Shouldn’t Worry About Delays!

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Personally I believe 2009 is going along great with some great titles for all consoles despite a few key games being pushed back until next year for that system/systems. It’s still got several games left that you would not have time to play anything new for a while. Some would disagree. GamesRadar journalist seem to have a lot of time on their hands if they can play every single game their listed, I mean, who could really be letdown by the number of games we have right now – some still yet to be released until the end of the year – to even be worried about any other game right now. I am sure not. I am still playing Fable II from time to time.

That is another problem with today’s generation of gamers. Games get pushed back a lot due to over-crowding and that was the norm in passed cycles of gaming. Not this cycle. Everyone wants to complain. Companies want their product to do well and sell copies so they can make some green back. Pushing back a title ensues the company it will not have a direct competitor, and will most likely do well depending on marketing. If a product gets cancelled, it’s normally because production cost was higher than expected. Or the company lost interest in the said product that they felt the best thing was to cancel it. Maybe it’ll be revisited, and you get a chance to play it, maybe not. It’s up in the air in this wacky generation this time around with gaming companies. But it’s sure to be an awesome time to be a gamer.


Do not fuss over what was delayed. Game companies also have the extra development time to make the game that was pushed back a chance to run at its best. Look at what happened to Bioshock for Playstation 3. It had to be worked on longer than the 360/PC version to pump out performance that was needed to run on par with the other versions. Just remember, games are like envious girlfriend’s – they do not want to share you with nobody. Nobody! And if you wait long enough they will show all their goodies. Enjoy the rest of this year, folks!

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