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Gameplay Tweaks Next Patch For Heroes of the Storm

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Heroes of the Storm developer Blizzard announced Monday that they will be implementing several game mechanic changes in its next patch.

Over the past weeks, there have been some discussions among the players regarding the recent changes they made to the bonus trickle experience system. A lot of players responded favorably according to the news post, but the developers felt that there has to be some mechanics to be implemented a little differently.

Although the trickle bonus XP change met their goals for allowing teams to bridge level gaps and make comebacks through teamwork, they also think ?there are alternate solutions that are worth exploring.?

That said, the trickle bonus XP will now be completely removed in the following patch while they will introduce and try out an ?Underdog Bonus? system.

Here are the changes in the new system for the next patch:

  • Bonus trickle experience gains have been removed.
  • Trickle XP will no longer be increased for a team that?s three or more levels behind in a game.
  • Baseline trickle XP, which is the small amount of experience earned at the same rate by both teams over the course of a game is still present
  • A team that is behind in levels ? the ?underdog? ? now earns bonus XP when an enemy hero is killed.
  • Starting at a one-level difference, each hero takedown secured by the lower-level team will grant a little more XP than it would at even levels.
  • The amount of bonus XP earned per takedown will scale significantly based on how many levels apart the teams are, and caps off at a four-level difference.
  • Bonus XP will be granted for each takedown until team levels become even.
  • A team that is ahead in levels now earns fewer experience points for takedowns
  • This reduction in XP gains per takedown similarly begins at a one-level difference, scales significantly based on the level gap between teams, and caps at a four-level difference.
  • Likewise, takedowns will continue to grant reduced XP until team levels even out.

Now, players will surely bring up the question: How do these changes affect the gameplay? With the Underdog Bonus replacing the bonus trickle XP system, players will start to see four and five level gaps arise between teams. This will happen when teams of different skills are matched together due to the limited Tech Alpha population.

Players can also expect larger level gaps to happen more often as the new system focuses more on teamwork, and offers more opportunities for teams to stage comebacks throughout the game. This means giving up takedowns when you?re ahead will result to the opposing team to catch up a lot easier.

Blizzard, of course, is only testing the waters in this new system. They admitted that they are not yet entirely sure how these changes will affect the overall gameplay. It is important to note that none of these changes are final and they will continue to develop and implement changes to the game to make the gameplay as fun and competitive as possible.

Heroes of the Storm is an upcoming MOBA game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Players take the role of one of many Blizzard characters from several franchises such as Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft.

It is currently in its ?Technical Alpha Testing? phase and has so far no announcements on its official release date.

Image Source: Heroes of the Storm Official Site

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