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It’s not unlike me to flip through old gaming magazines strictly for the nostalgia. Yesterday was no different when I picked up an issue of Tips and Tricks published back in 2000. If you do the math, that’s a decade ago. The more things change the more they stay the same unfortunately.

There was one particular article written by Ara Shirinian that compared the graphics of Dead or Alive 2 on Dreamcast and Playstation 2. The article was written to illustrate how minute details in graphics really wouldn’t matter in the future because eventually graphics would be so advanced that gameplay would take precedence. When Ara ended the article by saying, “If one year and 100 MHz (among many other improvements) gives us graphics enhancements this minute, developers may have to actually focus on gameplay and interaction to grab our attention,” it really grabbed my attention. No pun intended. It also, got me thinking about Bayonetta on PS3.

While the original game developers, Platinum Games, aren’t to blame, it’s really sad that the 360 and PS3 versions differ so much gameplay wise. I can only hope that SEGA, SONY or Platinum games find it somehow worth it to right this wrong. It’s really messed up that SEGA can parade around Twitter boasting how great reviews are for Bayonetta knowing that the PS3 version is seriously lacking. When you think about it I suppose it’s not all bad. Maybe because of SEGA’s ‘good enough’ approach to porting a game, the focus of this generation of gaming can move past its obsession with graphics and demand gameplay that leaves one satisfied.

The enjoyment of games comes from gameplay first and foremost. That’s why I am still such a fan of games from the 16-bit and 32-bit eras. Although, a small part of me still can’t get passed feeling like I’m not playing the games I should be playing since I’m not getting trophies or achievements in the process. I miss those days when personal enjoyment was all that matter. I don’t know how many game developer and game publishing eyes will read these words, but please take the time and spend the money needed to allow your games to to be the best they can be given the talent available.

Retro Game of the Week: Project Justice (DC)
Feel free to mute the video. I did. lol

Update: I think I’ve expressed my dislike for what is wrong with Bayonetta on PS3, but I really should give my overall opinion of the game to you guys. Bayonetta is a fun action game and I’m happy that I own it. I just wish it was closer to the 360 version. The game is playable and enjoyable, but the experience could be better and there’s a lot of loading. The PS3 version looks and runs well enough. While the 360 version looks amazing and runs silky smooth. I have to be honest SEGA’s crap port has kind of pushed my attention back to Dante’s Inferno.

I was worried that maybe I should have gone with Darksiders over Bayonetta, but from what I’ve heard about the game, I know it’s not the type of game I want to play right now no matter how nice the character and level designs are. I really do love Joe’s art style though. Now I go to bug SEGA on Twitter to patch the game. I may have given up on a trophy patch for MGS4, but I won’t give up on a patch for Bayonetta.

Brand loyalty shall be your downfall young one!

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