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Gameloft Brings Light to ‘Modern Combat 5” Which is Now Called ‘Modern Combat: Blackout’

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Modern Combat 5 - E3 Trailer
Modern Combat 5 – E3 Trailer

Gameloft?s ultimately popular game Modern Combat didn?t get its yearly release for some reason. The game was supposed to be released last year, but it turned out that the game?s release will be pushed a little further than their original plan, but the developer of the game recently released a few details about Modern Combat?s next release and giving the fans some reassuring words of ?coming soon?.

Much like the game, it is paying some serious ?homage? to?Call Of Duty. ?Modern Combat released iterations of its series every last month of the year since 2009. Gameloft has religiously followed this suite, but not until the 5th release of the game. Modern Combat 5 was greatly delayed back in October 2013 ?and the fans were really left out without a word, aside from the promises that it will be released some time this year.

Recently, Gameloft went out in the open and brought out some good news about the game?s development progress along with a good hint of when it will be released. Modern Combat 5 now has an official name and it is Modern Combat: Blackout. The not so good thing is, the new title announcement is the only new thing they have added to the announcements they?ve made in the past about the game. There have been some additional news, but they were only confirmations of the previous ones which were already released last year.

The game starts out in Venice in a slightly-clich?d setup, where the main character needs to stop a terrorist group from transporting weapons of mass destruction. From there, just like in all Modern Combat games, you will be sent to various places and countries. The series has also evolved from?a simply first-person shooting to a cinematic experience that is very much similar to Call Of Duty games. Gameloft stated that they are going to reveal more details soon, so it will be better to constantly check their official website for updates about Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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