‘Game Of Thrones’ Versus ‘Winds Of Winter’: Season 6 Too Far Off From George RR Martin’s Novels?

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Fans of ?Game of Thrones? are extremely excited with the show?s season six finale this Sunday, an episode entitled ?Winds of Winter.? However, there have been talks about how the TV show has seemingly gone too far off from George R.R. Martin?s novels.

According to a review from Vanity Fair, ?Game of Thrones? season six had so many twists and turns that were totally not expected by both TV fans and readers of the book it is derived from. Some saw this as a fun fan experience, but critics who followed the books have also been vocal about how the show was too much of a ?radical departure.?

In the review, someone who has followed ?Game of Thrones? and says she is an expert on the book and show pointed out that she initially enjoyed the TV series? unpredictability, especially this current season. She specifically liked how fans would discuss theories and details with passion. However – save for the occasional inclusion of a few book plots – season six has supposedly made her miss how HBO used to just follow the novels.

Still, the ?casual? viewers of ?Game of Thrones? who do not follow the books explained that the deviation of the TV series from the novels allowed fans to share a feeling of mutual discovery. This meant that all are excited to see what would happen next, while book readers studiously compared scenes to their expectations based from the book.

Spoilers have been going around as ?Game of Thrones? season six?s finale ?Winds of Winter? approaches fast. Fans have been scouting for rumors if the last episode will reveal details from the book of the same title.

?Winds of Winter? is George R.R. Martin?s sixth unfinished novel in the famous series called ?A Song of Ice and Fire.? The book will reportedly be launched early 2017, with Telegraph UK saying that many are expecting ?Winds of Winter? to be better than the TV version.


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