Game Of Thrones Spoilers: New App ‘Spoiled’ Sends You Crucial GoT Plot For $1

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A new app named ?Spoiled? sends juicy Game of Thrones spoilers for just $1.

According to DNA Info, the automated service anonymously texts plots from the hit HBO series right after a new episode airs. Big reveals and even screengrabs of crucial scenes from a just-ended episode are forwarded to phone numbers registered by a subscriber.

The Game of Thrones spoilers app currently has at least 120 subscribers since it was launched last week by the Chicago-based team of Ross Hettel, Hunter Lane and Joe Mainwaring.

?We?re happily surprised it?s been such a big hit,? Hettel shared. ?We did not expect it to be that popular ? especially internationally. About a third of our signups have been from outside the U.S.,? he added.

As for spoilers to Game of Thrones episodes that have yet to air, fans will just have to rely on rumors that circulate the internet every week. There have been lots of speculations about the characters who will die as the show approaches its season finale.

The Statesman said that episode 10, titled ?The Winds of Winter,? will supposedly be the longest Game of Thrones finale ever. Digital Spy also hinted about how Jon Snow and Sansa Stark are not yet completely out of danger even after they have already reclaimed Winterfell. The latter also allegedly still has trust issues with Jon Snow.

A preview of Game of Thrones season 6 episode 10 that was shared by Parent Herald showed Sansa and Littlefinger at a secret meeting. The bargain between them two will also be revealed. The teaser also fueled speculations that Littlefinger could finally be professing his love for Sansa based on how he had been protective of the her in previous episodes.

Avid viewers of Game of Thrones constantly scout the internet for show spoilers. Unfortunately, this has led to alleged leaks of episodes eight and ten that were available on The Pirate Bay, which reportedly harmed the devices of those who subscribed for updates.


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