Game of Thrones Spinoff: HBO Exec Opens Possibility Of More GOT Seasons

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Game of Thrones Spinoff

The end of the Game of Thrones is so near. Fans have to admit they?re getting sadder and sadder at the end of each episode. People are also quite aware that GOT is one of those very few television shows that deserves a sequel.

If we?re going to talk about business, this also means opportunity for the creators to make money out of the cravings of the fans. It?s been this way even for other hit TV series.

Now, with Game of Thrones almost over, everybody just wants to know if HBO?s going to produce a spinoff series for the TV series. And, with all the rumors circulating on social media, it might just be possible.

Michael Lombardo talks about Game of Thrones spinoff

Michael Lombardo, the programming president of HBO, put an end to the speculations by releasing a statement about the possibility of the Game of Thrones spinoff.

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Lombardo?s answer? No. Well, at least for now. As per CinemaBlend, he stated that if it does happen, the announcement would clearly be coming from Benioff and Weiss, and even George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones? author.

Game of Thrones Spinoff

He also added that the Game of Thrones Spinoff is possible, especially since there are a lot of characters that people could build the world around. They also seems to be open to the idea as long as they feel their passion.

The bright side of Michael Lombardo?s ?No?

The good thing about Michael Lombardo?s ?No? to the Game of Thrones Spinoff is that fans are well assured that if they do make a spinoff of the series, the producers won?t be making it for money. Quality over quantity.

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Furthermore, Michael Lombardo was able to justify why they won?t be making the Game of Thrones spinoff (for now.) In his statement, fans can understand that the producers won?t be releasing another season if it?s not well conceptualized.

Who knows, they might come up with a story about The Mad King (Daenarys? father) or maybe even Robert Baratheon?s rebellion in the Game of Thrones Spinoff. People will never know until then. But rest assured, the GOT creators will be making it the best one ever.

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